Heartbreak to Soulmate

End the cycle of unhealthy relationships and find your soulmate

A 5-part framework for thriving as a confident single woman and attracting a great partner!

Why is it SO HARD to find the love you really want?


You’re a high-value woman, but you keep attracting the wrong people.


You know you have a lot to offer and you’re successful in many other areas of your life, like your career. You're loving, giving, smart, funny, kind, and generous.


But you keep attracting partners who aren’t at your level, no matter what you do.


When everything you’ve been doing isn’t working, it’s time to make a change…


How about we work together to help you regain your confidence and attract a great partner?

Let’s talk about love and relationships for a moment…

In your 20s, you probably went into your first relationships with starry eyes and good intentions, believing the Cinderella story and thinking all you needed was your prince for life to be a fairytale.

Only years later, you discovered that’s not always how it works. In fact, when you choose the wrong person — someone who is controlling, narcissistic, a chronic liar or cheater, or someone who is emotionally unavailable — your fairytale can quickly become a nightmare.

Do any of these scenarios sound familiar?

Your relationships have been difficult!

You’re drawn to wounded men or bad boys. You tend to give too much and get too little. You keep losing yourself in your relationships and feel sad, resentful and tired. You can’t imagine dating…you know you need to heal and focus on YOU!

You’ve been dating for a while with no luck

You seem to only attract the “losers,” and the ones you want don’t notice you. You secretly doubt if you’re good enough and feel like giving up. You can’t figure out what to do differently to attract better partners!

You’re single and lonely

You tell yourself you “don’t need a man,” but secretly you miss companionship. The truth is, you’re not sure you can have what you want. You’ve been burned before and are afraid to get hurt again, so you have a wall up and don’t know how to take it down. You want love, but don’t know where to start to find a good partner.

You’re asking yourself questions like…


Why is it so hard to find a good partner?


There are so many jerks out there...do I have to do online dating?


How can I be sure I won't make another mistake?


How can I have a relationship and maintain my independence?


What happens if I don't find someone?

Don’t worry…we’ve been there, and we have answers for you!

And what about the wild world of modern dating?

You may have dipped your toes into online dating, hoping to catch a great guy…but instead, it felt like a sea of mismatches.

Or maybe you’re hiding out at home, afraid to even get started. You’ve heard your friends share horror stories of romance scams and men holding fish photos, and now you’re dreading the process of kissing a bunch of frogs.

Maybe you went to a singles event, thinking Mr. Right might be around the corner, only to meet guys who just didn’t light your fire.

Or maybe you tried to give the nice guys a go, only to find yourself yawning through the date.

Then there’s those projects—I mean, guys with the big “N” for NOT AVAILABLE stamped on their foreheads—trying to change them was simply EXHAUSTING!

And let’s not even start on the whole casual fling thing, hoping it might turn into something more…

Maybe you’ve been seeking advice from every corner—friends, YouTube gurus, self-help books—only to find yourself more confused than ever? Diving deep into self-reflection, or even giving therapy a shot, hoping for a breakthrough in love, yet feeling like nothing is changing?

Truth is, I’ve been there. It feels like you’re running in circles on a hamster wheel. But here’s the thing—it doesn’t have to be that way. It is possible to find a faster path to love that feels right for you.

Here’s what clients are saying

I was a smart, attractive woman, so why was I always unhappy in my relationships?

I learned so much from Karen, not just why I ended up with the men I did but, more importantly, how to improve the relationship I had with myself. By the end of the course, I was more confident and secure than ever and happy being single! I was able to make better decisions in relationships and thus ended up with someone who treats me with the love and respect that is key for a lasting, healthy relationship.

If you’re ready to make a change for the better in your life, I highly recommend Karen. I wouldn’t be the person I am today without her support and guidance!

Katherine O’Neill

Before I met Karen, I was lost and feeling a bit defeated in life.

Though I was successful in my career, I was having trouble even meeting any men worth talking to. At the beginning of the pandemic, I felt that I lost all hope. To say I was lonely was an understatement.

Karen helped me see that I had my guard up, from past hurts that I had not dealt with. By going back through a process of forgiving others and forgiving myself I was able to finally put things behind me that were causing the walls. I truly felt like a weight was lifted from my shoulders, and I immediately saw results in my personal life and relationships.

I have now met a wonderful man, one of great character, and truly a soul mate. He just recently proposed, and we will be married in December! If it wasn’t for Karen’s program, I would not have been able to accept the love offered by my soon to be husband! Thank you Karen, your program changed my life!

I have met the most wonderful man.

He has all of the attributes I was looking for. He’s very kind, respectful and loving and thinks I’m beautiful. He’s financially stable. He shows me and tells me how he feels daily.

I want to thank you again for all the support, insights, and knowledge you have instilled in me while taking your course. It really made a huge difference in my life. It has allowed me to be happy with myself, and I have the tools that will take me into the future. You are a wonderful coach.

Rose Richardson

Karen really helped me see my blind spots, and she really helps keep me more accountable

…I felt like it was kind of like I knew it, but it really helped to be with her in those check-ins to remember to actually practice those things. So I’m super grateful to Karen, and I highly recommend her programs.”

Chantal Houde

I could have taken all the courses I wanted, but Karen's work is so streamlined and it is so precise

…and she really helps you with tools and techniques. And if you follow this and we do the work, you are going to have like the same kind of beautiful transformation because that’s what her programs do.

They truly, truly, truly turn things around for you, and you end up living a life that was only a dream.”

Jenny Kaser

You CAN change your results and find LOVE!

There’s nothing wrong with YOU. But what IS wrong is not knowing HOW to set real standards and boundaries based on what you really want in a partner or in your life.

The good news is — you can change that!

Deep down, you know more is possible for you. You know you deserve to be happy and treated with love and respect. You want a healthy, happy, long-lasting relationship with a great partner, one who makes you laugh, showers you with love, and enjoys experiencing life with you.

You also realize that you are the common denominator in your relationships… And that the only person who can change your results is YOU.

Here’s what happens when you do the real work of healing, loving yourself and becoming more assertive about what you really want in a partner…

You'll find yourself drawn to emotionally available, MATURE men who value and reciprocate your love and affection.

You'll have the courage and confidence to PRIORITIZE your own happiness and well-being, knowing that you DESERVE a relationship where your needs are met and respected.

You'll maintain your INDEPENDENCE while also enjoying fulfilling COMPANIONSHIP with a partner who cherishes and supports you.

You'll experience dating as a REWARDING JOURNEY filled with genuine connections, entertaining conversations and meaningful relationships.


Heartbreak to Soulmate

The Heartbreak to Soulmate program is designed to help you solve the underlying reasons you’ve been struggling in love — ONCE AND FOR ALL!

Whether you’re going through heartache after experiencing a breakup or divorce or have lost confidence and hope that you can attract the love you deserve, my strategies are designed to help you RISE ABOVE these challenges.

 This transformational program will help you:

Uplevel your career & attract greater abundance

Release pain and anger from your past

Change your relationship patterns so they stop repeating

Date in a way that's empowering and fun

Rediscover who you are and what you want

Become more assertive and confident

Create a life that feels joyful and fulfilling

Attract and choose high-quality partners!

When you become an EMPOWERED single woman who LOVES her life and knows her VALUE, you can confidently raise your standards for love so you NEVER SETTLE for less than you deserve again!

Ready to make better standards your reality?

I may qualify as the poster lady for 'It's never too late!!!’ Shortly after my 70th birthday,

I was gifted with getting connected with Karen by a trusted friend. Feeling somewhat uncertain how it would feel to be in a group with ‘gorgeous young ladies,’ I was quickly assured by Karen that her programs are for all ages. This proved to be so true and I enrolled in a series of lectures and workshops culminating in a six-month course.

The knowledge, wisdom and insights that I have gained have completely flipped my understanding of relationships one hundred and eighty degrees to the point that I feel like a different, more confident and much wiser person on the inside. And possibly on the outside as well, as I have received compliments as the months progressed!!! No matter your age, accept the challenge to find your best self and live your best life under Karen’s guidance.

Hope Burke

Designed exclusively for women

The Heartbreak to Soulmate program has been designed by women, for women. Having been both widowed and divorced myself, I intimately understand the challenges of being single, and how to overcome them and thrive!

A proven track record

Hundreds of women have taken my programs and achieved their goals (creating happy lives, regaining their confidence, up-leveling their careers, and finding love). My programs have consistently averaged a 90-95% satisfaction rating over the past 8 years!

A powerful community

Receive regular support from an empowered group of like-minded women! In our private community, you will quickly discover you’re not alone. Our community is very supportive, and every member is in your corner.

When you join Heartbreak To Soulmate, you’ll make friends who really understand your journey. On our weekly group coaching calls, you’ll feel like you’re a part of something bigger, and you’ll receive encouragement and support from kindred spirits who want you to succeed!

Meet Karen

Your guide to love and empowerment

I got married to my soulmate at the age of 22, only to become a widow six weeks later when cancer took him away. My world crumbled, and I fell apart. It took me years to piece my heart back together until, one day, I felt ready to love again.

Then at 35, my heart was broken again when my second husband and I split up, with two young children in the wake of our failed relationship.

While at first I resisted being single again, I learned that heartbreak can be a tremendous catalyst for personal and spiritual growth. I came to realize the tremendous power in letting myself be untethered… rediscovering my strengths and passions and rebuilding my life with myself at the center.

As an experienced love and empowerment coach who has worked with thousands of women over the past decade, I deeply understand the challenges you’re facing.

And here’s the good news…love doesn’t have to be an endless heartache or constant battle. With the right guidance, you can break free from destructive patterns and find the healthy, happy, epic love relationship you deserve!

As featured in

Here’s what you can expect in this TRANSFORMATIONAL program!

World-class training

This program is both comprehensive and world-class, including step-by-step strategies, tools and videos in a private course space.

Expert coaching

Because we know that change takes time, we include a full year of group and private coaching that helps you address any challenges and areas where you’re stuck.

Transformational exercises

Our transformational exercises are designed to help you apply what you’re learning to your own life so that you create real and lasting change!

Ongoing community support

In our private community, you will quickly discover you’re not alone. You’ll receive encouragement and support from like-minded women who want you to succeed!

Isn’t it time you got the support you need to achieve your dreams?

In Heartbreak to Soulmate, we help you to end the pattern of destructive relationships, rebuild your life & confidence and find a great partner…one step at a time!

Step 1 – Release the past 

Whether you realize it or not, you have been repeating your past like a record stuck on repeat. Once you learn how to release your negative emotions and heal your pain, you can stop repeating your relationship patterns and free your heart to love again!

Discover your patterns

Your choice of partners is not random. Understand why you attract and choose who you do, so you can feel empowered to make better choices!

Take your power back

Wanting someone to apologize keeps you waiting powerlessly to feel better. Learn how to reframe your past experiences, create your own closure and rewrite your love story’s ending!

Release your pain

Participate in powerful healing exercises so you can finally let sadness, resentment and anger go, allowing you to finally feel free!

Process your emotions

Emotional dysregulation is one of the leading causes of conflict & divorce. Learn my 5-step process to release emotions like anxiety and improve your emotional state so you can feel in control & communicate calmly.

Step 2 – Create a life you love! 

When you put everyone else first, you end up with a life where you’re unhappy and unfulfilled. Happiness starts with making yourself a real priority in your own life…and doing things that bring you joy every day. This lights you up and makes you magnetic to high-quality partners!

Rediscover yourself

Many women overgive and lose themselves in their relationships with their partners and kids. Uncover your passions and purpose – what makes YOU feel joyful & alive!

Envision your dream career or retirement

Most women underestimate themselves and dream too small. Uplevel what you think is possible for your career, level of abundance, and retirement!

Design your ideal life

Learn my signature process for creating a life that makes you feel excited to get up in the morning, so every day feels like an adventure!

Increase your energy

The key to success in life is learning how to face challenges and take action from an empowered emotional state. Learn how to turn a negative spiral around, overcome any challenge, and align your energy with your goals, so they manifest faster!

Step 3 – Become confident and empowered 

Too often, women play small and doubt their ability to have the level of love, joy & abundance they really want. Learning how to step into a more empowered identity, believe in yourself and confidently take action will allow you to succeed at any goal!

Embrace your uniqueness

Many women choose subpar partners due to insecurity and a need to feel validated. Learn how to rewire self-criticism and validate yourself by celebrating your strengths, reframing your flaws and appreciating how amazing you really are!

Uplevel your identity

Who we are being greatly influences our results. Tap into your inner superhero and step into a stronger, more empowered version of you — one who gets what she deserves!

Become more assertive

Many loving, empathic women struggle to stand up for themselves and ask for the support they need. Discover how to set healthy boundaries and balance your needs with others’ (instead of chronically self-sacrificing and people pleasing).

Take confident action

Your ideal partner is unlikely to find you at home watching Netflix. 🙂 Learn how to confidently act with purpose and move towards your goals, creating real momentum and results!

Step 4 – Develop empowering beliefs 

We don’t get what we want in life, we get what we believe. So if you don’t believe you can have a great partner or th at you can trust men, this will prevent you from finding what you desire. Changing your beliefs is the fastest way to change your results!

Own your value

When women don’t know their worth, they choose partners who aren’t on their level. Learn how to be your authentic, awesome self when dating and believe you’re good enough for a great partner!

Learn to trust again

If you build a wall around you, no one can get in. Build your faith that good men are out there and learn how to tap into your intuition and recalibrate your partner picker so that you can trust yourself to choose better.

Stand in your power

We teach people how to treat us. Learn how to speak your truth with respect, ask for what you need and want, and maintain your independence while in a relationship.

Become magnetic

After years of doing everything alone, many women are too much on their masculine side, which attracts wounded, feminine men and pushes away healed, masculine men. Learn how to step into your feminine power to become magnetic to the strong, quality man you want!

Step 5 – Choose a great partner 

Why do women date down and men date up? Because we’ve been conditioned to act like Cinderella and let ourselves be chosen. Learning how to qualify your dates and make conscious choices will help you find a man who’s worthy of YOU!

Slow dating down

Going too fast is a surefire way to end up in another bad relationship. Learn the 5 phases of a relationship and how to slow down a man’s advances so you can take the time you need to know if someone is right for you. (Hint: Despite the myth of love at first sight, it won’t be in the first few dates!)

Make in-person dating fun

Dating only feels scary because you’re missing some key knowledge & skills. Discover where to go to meet people, how to stay safe, what to talk about, and how to be playful and have fun.

Make online dating easier

Online dating can be a great way to meet someone once you know how. Learn how to choose a dating site, create a great profile, and sort through options to find the best ones!

Find your soulmate

Most women pick the wrong partners because they are impatient with the process. Learn how to make effective dating decisions and keep your standards high until you find your person!

Here’s everything included in the program:

Weekly training and tools

Each week, you will receive a new lesson with a training video to watch and printable PDF handouts with the presentation, tools and strategies.

The lessons are intentionally designed to accommodate all learning styles…they are visually engaging and very interactive!

Transformational exercises

The lessons include transformational exercises. These help you to take what you’re learning and apply it, so that you create real change in your life!

Part of why people don’t actually change what isn’t working is they keep gathering more information (which raises their awareness), but they don’t implement anything.

It’s when you APPLY knowledge that you change and life changes.

Dating success tools

Heartbreak to Soulmate features an exclusive Empowered Dating Guide, which includes all the tools you need to trouble-shoot the dating process and handle different dating situations, like:

  • Attracting the wrong guys
  • Getting little interest online
  • Feeling overwhelmed by too much interest
  • Dealing with dating disappointment & rejection
  • Deciding whether to keep dating someone or not
  • What to do when there is no “spark”

We include monthly coaching labs to practice dating skills in a safe environment to gain confidence before going out in the wild.

And we include love & dating meditations and a vault of love success stories, to help you believe in love again!

Group coaching sessions

Each week, you’ll hop on a Zoom call with me (Karen) and other members of the program. You can ask questions to receive laser coaching and address any challenges you’re facing!

Group coaching is the most powerful method of coaching I know.
That’s because, just like cyclists in the Olympics or birds flying south, we can go further and faster if we go together

We create a very safe & supportive community to share your challenges and practice communication skills. Everyone has a chance to share their story, and everyone has a chance to be heard. And in hearing other women’s challenges, you’ll realize you’re not alone!

Community support

You will have access to a private members-only Facebook group, where you can interact with and make friends with the other amazing women in our community!

What most single women are craving most is connection and support. This became even more highlighted during the pandemic. We are not meant to be alone!

Our group provides a great way to meet new people who are just like you. Many women have made life-long friends through this program!

Private coaching

Unlike many coaching programs, we still include private coaching. The private calls supplement the group coaching calls, and allow us to dive deeper into any area that requires further exploration.

When you hit certain program milestones, you’ll be offered the opportunity to have a private call with me.

You also have email access, for added support and guidance in between group calls.


Bonus 1

Attracting Abundance training

I found in working with single women that when they don’t value themselves highly enough, not only does that negatively impact the partners they attract, it also reduces the level of abundance that is possible for them.

This 1-day virtual workshop will show you how to transform your money mindset so that you attract greater abundance with ease (without having to work so hard or wait for a partner!)

When you ditch your limiting money beliefs and change what you believe is possible, it’s truly fun to watch what happens!

Bonus 2

Dating profile review

You’ll get a customized online dating profile review…including your written profile, images and handle!

Bonus 3

Karen’s book

You’ll also get a copy of Karen’s book, Free to be me: Create a life you love from the inside out!

This program is for you if…

  • You are self-aware and take responsibility for your results.
  • You are ready to change your life for the better, now.
  • You know you need help and want to do this faster.
  • You are coachable, and open to new ideas.
  • You are courageous & willing to move through your fear.
  • Any mental health issues are well managed, and you can easily make decisions and take action.
  • You are committed to your own goals, and won’t stop until you achieve them!

This program is not for you if…

  • You blame others for what has gone wrong in your life.
  • You don’t want to change…or would rather wait until “someday.”
  • You are ok with it taking a long time to reach your goals.
  • You are not open to new ways of doing things.
  • You want to stay inside your comfort zone.
  • You tend to give up easily and can’t commit to completing the program.
  • You have serious mental health or addiction issues.
  • You are in crisis and can’t cope with everyday life.

Note: We are not mental health professionals. If you are currently struggling to cope with a mental illness, addiction, complex trauma, or active abuse situation, you would be better served by a doctor, therapist, or psychologist.

We’re happy to answer your questions!

How does a group coaching program work?

A group coaching program provides you with a community of supportive and like-minded women. This makes it more likely you will achieve your goals. (Birds who fly together fly further and faster!)

You can ask questions and receive support on the group Zoom calls each week. Since everyone on the call hears each other’s answers, everyone benefits. You’ll be amazed at how many people have similar stories and questions!

Some people say they are shy or introverted and don’t like group work. But the benefits of group coaching are tremendous. It allows you to practice skills that are essential to the success of all your relationships. It is vital to learn how to share your feelings, discuss your challenges, and ask for help to receive the support you need. We create a safe place to practice without judgment!

As you share your story with others, you will feel uplifted, knowing that others share your challenges. You will also gain from everyone else’s stories, questions and insights and benefit from the community’s support. You’ll feel inspired and motivated by other women’s breakthroughs and successes. And you may even make some new friends!

How do I know this will work for me...can you guarantee results?

We can’t guarantee specific results or timelines since each person’s goals are unique, and a lot depends on how much effort you put in and what actions you take (e.g. if you stay at home in your PJs, it’s unlikely you’ll meet someone).

That said, after years of experience, we can say that the women who are truly committed to their goals and to this program―who watch the lessons, do the course work, participate fully in the group coaching sessions, and actively date―see very positive changes in their life, love life, and happiness/confidence level before the program is over.

Many have found a great partner within 1 year (before the program is over), while some take a little longer. Others have accomplished amazing personal and career goals because that was their priority. Check out our many client success stories! If you fully commit to your goals and don’t give up, you will succeed too!

What if I meet someone before the program is done?
Wonderful! We’re thrilled for our clients when that happens! It is still best to complete the program, as the skills you will develop are critical to ensuring your long-term success in all your relationships (and your happiness as an individual). By completing the program, you will thrive whether this relationship works out long-term or not, because you’ll continue to make your own happiness and goals a priority.

More client love

When I met Karen, I was living with a guy who was constantly cheating on me. I felt like I was stuck.

I had no idea how to get out. Coming to Karen’s retreat was like a wake-up call. Now life couldn’t be better in all aspects. I’m living in Edmonton (I always wanted to live on the West Coast). I’m doing what I love, working as an international wedding photographer. And I’m with a guy who’s my absolute best friend, who believes in me when I don’t believe in me.

UPDATE: Tracey and Teo have been together for several years now! (February 2020)

Tracey Thomas

This program was life-changing for me.

Six months ago, I was in a more negative mindset, and although I wanted to change my thought patterns, I was not confident it was possible. About 4 months into the program, I began to feel a gradual shift and started to notice that I did not want to hold on to my negative ways anymore.

I am now loving and accepting myself exactly as I am and will keep practicing the good habits that I am developing. I also know that in the matters of the heart, I have strengthened my resolve to bring the best version of myself into future relationships, to remain true to myself and to not settle!

Marjorie Cenatus

I took a leap of faith and put my trust in Karen. It has been the MOST amazing experience of my life.

Karen creates a safe space to heal, learn, and overcome past traumas and gives you the tools and strength to change your life. Knowing that I would likely be probably the only gay woman in the class, I can assure you that it made no difference. Karen’s use of inclusive language was appreciated, and the space was safe to let it all out – my coming out stories, grief and past relationships, etc… Karen and her program and the amazing group of ladies made it easy to believe that I deserved more and shift those old beliefs to more positive ones.

I have never been happier and more comfortable in my own skin and in my life. I have opened up and am living my best life right now for my kids and for myself. Washing away the pains of the past opened me up to love and light. I can not recommend Karen enough. She is absolutely amazing. She is a guiding light that burns bright for you to succeed. Thank you, Karen, from the bottom of my heart ❤️

Tanya DiVirgilio

When I met Karen, I was in continuous unhealthy relationships.

Since I took her course, I learned so much about myself, what I want and what to do to get there. Karen is truly amazing at what she does and you will not come out the same person. I am now opening my own business, something that was always a distant dream. I am in a really healthy and happy relationship. Most importantly, I am happy and my whole life changed after taking one of her online courses. This woman will motivate you and it will change your life for the better. I have no doubt of this!

UPDATE: Kayleigh and Shayne married and had their first child in June 2020

Kayleigh McEwan

I am feeling WAY more confident and secure in WHO I AM, and taking charge of my own happiness.

Doing so has helped me attract a really lovely guy into my life. Even with a couple stumbles early on, I feel strong and able to manage if it doesn’t work out. I loved the layout of the course. It’s brilliant how you designed it. I love the group of ladies on the calls, and how supportive everyone is.

UPDATE: Joanne is now dating a great guy! (Summer 2022)

Joanne Lauzon

Your soulmate is waiting for you!

There’s no better time to change your love life destiny and go after your dream of real & lasting love than NOW. It’s time to start rebuilding your confidence and find your partner in crime for life. Whether you’re a recent divorcee or a single woman looking for love, you deserve to LOVE and BE LOVED again.

Let me help you find the man of your dreams and finally experience the happiness, partnership, and fulfillment that you’ve been longing for. Your adventure to forever with your true love starts right here!

Ready to find YOUR person?

Take the first step to lasting love today

It’s TIME to meet your forever love and enjoy the EPIC relationship you deserve!
Karen is a Love and Empowerment Coach whose mission is to help single women stop settling, build an extraordinary life, and create an epic love relationship that lasts.


Ottawa, ON, Canada

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