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Karen Strang Allen

Are you ready to get on the fast track to love?

Being in love is amazing…it adds so much richness & colour to our lives, filling each day with warmth, joy and a deep sense of fulfillment.

When we’re loved, we have a comforting refuge during tough times and a wellspring of strength to tackle any challenge that comes our way. We also have someone to share life’s adventures with…to explore, laugh and play with.

But what if the love that’s supposed to uplift, support and protect you brings the opposite to your life?

“I struggle with setting boundaries in relationships and often feel taken advantage of.”

"I have a pattern of attracting partners who are emotionally unavailable or treat me poorly, and I don't know how to break this cycle."

“I often feel like I'm not enough, and it's affecting my ability to find a high-quality partner.”

"I have difficulty trusting others and always fear getting hurt, which prevents me from fully opening up and experiencing love."

Do any of these sound like you?

Figuring out romantic love can be a challenge, especially if you haven’t quite mastered the art of loving yourself first. Believe me, I’ve been there too. I used to struggle with using my voice and setting boundaries, always putting others before myself until I lost sight of who I truly was. And that led to some very poor choices in love. But after some deep inner work, I realized what I was missing all along: the ability to own my worth and put myself first. Since I was able to rebuild my life and confidence from the ground up, even after enduring several heartbreaks, then I know you can too.

My story

At the age of 22, I found my soulmate and got married, only to become a widow six weeks later when cancer took him away. My world crumbled, and I fell apart. It took me years to piece my heart back together until, one day, I felt ready to love again.

Then I met my second husband. I hoped he would be the one I’d grow old with, but sadly despite years of therapy we couldn’t make things work. Heartbroken, I faced a new reality…of being a single mom and solo-entrepreneur with two young children to care for.

This wasn’t the life I’d envisioned. Back in school, I was always a hopeless romantic, dreaming of wedding bells and happy-ever-afters. But life had other plans, and suddenly, I found myself single once more.

It was a wake-up call. The universe was telling me something…and this time, I listened.

I came to realize the tremendous power in embracing being single…making new friends, rediscovering my passions and rebuilding my life with myself at the center.

And in a short period of time, I started to see real changes:


I started feeling happier and lighter and freer.


I started enjoying activities that brought real passion and joy to my life.


I discovered how to set boundaries and stand up for what I deserved.


I learned how to determine who belonged in my life…and who didn’t.


I started attracting partners and friends who were truly available emotionally.

But the most incredible transformation was within myself. Rediscovering my worth, I fell in love with the woman I had become. And in that self-love, I learned how to choose people who would cherish me for who I am.

Now it’s your turn

Becoming my best self and realizing the love I truly deserved was a long & winding journey filled with challenges. But I refused to give up. Deep down, I knew that love was worth fighting for. I wasn’t about to let past heartaches dim the spark of hope that still flickered inside me.

And now, after years of trial and error, I’ve cracked the code for myself and other women. I’ve since helped many women find real & lasting love. And guess what? You can do it too…and even better, you can do it FASTER and with more CERTAINTY with me as your guide!

So don’t let fear, past heartaches, or self-doubt hold you back. It’s time to take control of your destiny, create a life that brings you joy, and claim the love you truly deserve.

Let’s make your dreams a real priority!

Here’s what our clients are saying…

“I decided to join the Transform Your Life program. So, that training empowered me to create a better life for myself and I learned how to take care of myself and to find paths that work for me. So if you are feeling stuck in your love life, in your goals or anything else, if you have a chance to work with Karen, she’s awesome. She has answers to everything. And I encourage you to do so you deserve it. So I say just do it!

Lorraine Delorme

“Working with Karen is like having an angel’s wings wrap you and hold you. She is supportive, the group is loving. It’s an incredible program. And the best of it all is it gave me empowerment. I have wings, I feel confident. And I know I can take on life and be okay there for myself. And Karen is always there to reach out to. She’s amazing. She’s positive. Invest in yourself. It’s so worth it. You will have nothing but joy. So thank you, Karen. You’re my Earth Angel.”

Mary Dufour

When I met Karen, I was struggling with a lot of grief…and I felt very stuck. I had built up a lot of walls and Karen was amazing at helping me break down those walls…I feel so much lighter now, hopeful, transformed. The whole program is so beautifully set up…it really taught me to love and value myself. So I would highly recommend working with Karen. I think it’s the most empowering, the most valuable thing I’ve ever done.

Rosemary Symington

“I loved that she was so expressive and compassionate and very smart and went through a lot in her life, which she shared, as did all the other women. It built up my confidence. It made me feel that my life could continue after such a great loss. I feel that I have more knowledge and self-awareness to help my son, who’s now 14…I just was too young to give up on life and this was sort of the bolt or the jolt I needed to restart my life. And I thank you Karen for that.”

Tessa Vandiggelen

“I really didn’t think that I would ever find true happiness or love because I was really, really afraid to ever try that again. But I did and I met somebody just amazing. So I would totally recommend for you to take Karen’s course…it’s powerful. It’s life-changing. And it’s stuff that you can keep with you forever and grow with it. It was a great opportunity, and I’m so glad I did it.”

Val Thibault

Meet Karen

Your guide to love and empowerment

With over a decade of experience working alongside thousands of amazing women, I’ve dedicated myself to gathering the best strategies to ensure you get the support you truly deserve.

Over the years, I’ve honed my skills with hundreds of hours of training and earned certifications from some of the most esteemed coaching organizations in the business.

I have a Master of Journalism from Carleton University. I’m the author of Free to be me: Create a life you love from the inside out! and international bestselling co-author of Unwavering Strength: Volume 2.

I’ve also immersed myself in training in relationships, psychology, transformational coaching, quantum physics, meditation, tapping, and Reiki. Why? Because I’m committed to equipping you with a diverse toolkit to help you overcome your challenges, create an extraordinary life, and attract the love you desire.

Professional credentials

The foundations of women-centered coaching

(The Institute for Woman-Centered Coaching, Training & Leadership)

Transformational coaching

(Transformational Coaching Academy)

Neuro-linguistic programming

(NLP Canada)

Assertiveness coaching

(Doreen Virtue)

Success training

(Jack Canfield)

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Just between us

Let’s get to know each other better and dive into the quirky, fun parts of my life…


I live in Ottawa, Canada with my children Keagan and Keira, and a Morkie named Bailey. I have become an expert in board games, dog zoomies and inappropriate teen humour!


Being single? Actually pretty sweet. I’ve got the whole bed to myself, and I've mastered the art of self-dates and spoiling myself rotten.


Despite our break-up, my ex and I are nailing this co-parenting gig. Celebrating holidays together and everything. Who would've thought?

I’m all about nature & outdoor life. Give me a forest, lake or ocean and I’m happy. Kayaking, hiking, biking—if it’s outside, I’m there!


I was married twice and widowed then divorced by 35. And yeah, it surprises folks just as much as it surprises me. But hey, life is full of unexpected chapters.

My kiddos are my heart. They’re these amazing, independent beings who make me laugh and actually listen to me (most of the time). And they’re always eager to help and make meals together.


My basement looks like a storm shelter. Seriously, I have enough food stashed away to survive...anything. It's the pack-rat gene I inherited from my mom.


And because we’re chatting like old friends, I thought I’d share that I have a weird gift for short-circuiting electronics. Street lamps, computers, bank machines…you name it, I’ve taken it down. It’s like I have some strange superpower I’ve yet to harness!


My love for exploring is endless. I’ve ticked off many places from my travel bucket list, but there’s always more. Hawaii, Sedona, Banff? Incredible. Next stops: New Zealand, Costa Rica, Italy…here I come!

The path to living your best life and finding love starts here…

Begin your journey today!