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No partner, no problem! A single woman’s guide to an unforgettable summer

July 9, 2024
Posted by Karen Strang Allen

“Being single is about celebrating and appreciating your own life.” Annie Lennox


Summer is a natural time to explore the world and have fun in the sun…so what do you do if you happen to be single?

No need to worry…while coupled-up friends might be busy planning romantic getaways, we single ladies have the freedom to fill our calendars with thrilling solo adventures!

There are tons of activities you can do on your own―or with others―to make the most of these warm and sunny summer months. If you shift your perspective about being single from “boredom and loneliness” to “exploration and freedom,” you may be surprised just how much fun you can have!

So, let’s make this an unforgettable summer filled with sun, fun and unapologetic self-love!


Exploring or chilling on your own

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One of the true gifts of becoming single is having time to yourself…and the ability to spontaneously decide to do what you want, when you want.

Here are some fun ways to enjoy your solo time:

    • Book a decadent spa day (or have an at-home spa day).
    • Go on a solo hiking adventure on a new trail.
    • Go for a walk or bike ride by the water and really savour the peace and quiet.
    • Explore a new town or village (the shops, art galleries, museums, restaurants).
    • Set a goal to photograph as many lighthouses or covered bridges as you can.
    • Have a PJ day where you read a new book or watch movies all day.
    • Make yourself a gourmet meal (complete with candles, music and dessert!).
    • Take yourself on a date – go to your fav restaurant or book an activity you’ll love.
    • Sign up for a cooking or baking class to expand your culinary skills.
    • Take an art class like painting, pottery, or sketching to unleash your creative side.
    • Start training for a 5K, 10K, or adventure running event that inspires you.
    • Take a solo road trip to explore a new region of the country you’ve never visited before.
    • Treat yourself to a staycation and enjoy all the attractions, restaurants, and nightlife your city has to offer.
    • Enjoy a luxurious staycation at a fancy hotel in your city, complete with room service.
    • Sign up for a women’s-only travel tour or retreat to connect with like-minded solo female adventurers.
    • Volunteer your time and skills to a local nonprofit organization you’re passionate about.
    • Start a new summertime activity to meet new people, like ultimate frisbee, beach volleyball, or cycling.

Having fun with friends & family

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While part of the joy of being single comes from learning to love your own company, it can still be fun to have companionship for your adventures.

Here are some activities that can be fun to do with family or friends:

    • Host a backyard BBQ or social.
    • Organize a picnic in a park or a beach day.
    • Rent canoes, kayaks or stand-up paddleboards and explore a local river or lake.
    • Try out a new restaurant in a nearby town.
    • Go to a comedy club or theatre performance.
    • Attend a music festival or outdoor concert and dance the night away.
    • Go shopping with friends (for clothes, antiques, home décor, etc.).
    • Try an adventure sport (like ziplining, white water rafting, rock climbing, bungee jumping, parasailing, scuba diving, sailing, sky diving).
    • Go on a hot air balloon ride for a stunning aerial view of the landscape.
    • Go dancing or sing karaoke with your besties.
    • Go on a weekend road trip with kids, siblings or friends.
    • Book a cottage and invite your best gal pals.
    • Plan an epic girls’ vacation – a relaxing beach getaway, city foodie tour, or adventurous hiking excursion.
    • Plan an international trip to a destination you’ve always wanted to explore and share expenses.

Mingling with other singles

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It can also be fun to attend social events in your local area where you’re likely to meet other singles. Some places to look for fun events include:

    • Meetup.com
    • Facebook events
    • Facebook single’s groups
    • Eventbrite
    • An Internet search on “singles events in [your area]”
    • Community boards in stores
    • Community newspapers
    • Asking friends / other singles for ideas!

As a Meetup organizer, one thing I’d suggest is don’t be afraid of being the “new person.” There are always new people at these events, and most organizers are good at welcoming you and helping you feel comfortable. You’ll quickly get over any nerves you feel and soon be making new friends!

The key to enjoying summer as a single woman is to embrace new activities and experiences that allow you to step outside your comfort zone, indulge your passions, and celebrate the freedom and opportunity of being a fabulous, independent woman.

I hope you have a terrific summer, and that you embrace this time of being single and the freedom it brings!

xo Karen


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