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Loving without losing…

Watch this free online training showing exactly what empowered women do differently to attract their ideal partner and a loving, committed relationship (even if they had previously given up on love!)


Cracking the code to lasting love: A self-assessment

Take this insightful quiz to find out if you’re ready to meet your soulmate and what might be stopping you….awareness is the first step to creating change!

Inspirational playlists  

Music is a powerful tool for helping us shift our moods and raise our vibration. Here are some of my favourite playlists. (You can play them here, but to download them, you’ll need a subscription to Spotify, or to manually add them one at a time to whichever music app you use.)

Playlist 1

Empowered Woman

To help you step into your most empowered self

Playlist 2

Higher Love

Upbeat romantic music to manifest love

Playlist 5

Spa Music

Soothing tunes and meditation melodies to help you stay centered.

Playlist 4

Feel Good

Happy tunes to lift your spirits!

Playlist 3


Mellow romantic music to unwind to

Playlist 6

Playlist of Awesome

High-energy beats to get you dancing!